Editing Policy

Editing Policy

There are two ways editing is done at Editon Consortium. The author may choose to have their corrections effected by the Editon Consortium’s editorial team (this is only possible if the manuscript initial evaluation report scores a C; which means the manuscript is “Acceptable [with minor revisions/Editorial correction]”). Note in this case, the author has to authorise Editon editorial team through the managing editor otherwise, they will be required to effect corrections. Secondly, the author may choose to effect suggested corrections themselves (They have no option if the initial evaluation report shows a need for heavy editing and revision). Either way, it does not affect the cost; however, when we incorporate minor corrections from our end it saves on the processing time.

Publication Terms:

Warranty: Every author, by submitting their manuscript to any of our journals, warrant that the material is not published or under review for publication in another place, and that the manuscript is original. The authors warrant:

  1. That the manuscript is their work (not belonging to another person or group of persons)
  2. That Editon Consortium Publishing has authority to publish and publicize the manuscript.
  3. That unless the author has given specific journal, the publisher has the authority to allocate a journal article to appropriate journal and communicate to them during the first communication after acknowledgement of the receipt of the manuscript.
  4. Should the author agree with the selected journal or fail to raise any objection at this stage, it will be deemed as his preferred choice and the publisher will not be held accountable thereafter.
  5. That the authors also declare by publishing in any of our journals that Editon Consortium publishing and its associated organs can make adjustments, share and make it available to indexing databases now and in future and or distribute the manuscript without any limitations whatsoever.

Processing of articles

Our aim is to promote research globally and therefore, we usually request the author(s) to contribute a pre-determined publication fee for website and software maintenance, and other administrative duties since we have no financial support from any other organisation. Therefore, normal processing of articles takes at most two weeks. The fast process can take 48 hours.

We only issue acceptance letter once the manuscript has gone through the first round of pre-review and is acceptable for peer review. This should be within 48 hours after submission. However, the authors receive acknowledgement within 24 hours after submission.

All manuscript should be submitted online in our OJS system or emailed to the editor@editononline.com  and copied to editonltd@gmail.com