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Editon Centre

Processing charges

All our journals charge the author article processing charges to cover operational, editorial, peer review administration, archiving, and customer services.

  1. Article processing charges (International) = USD 150
  2. Article processing charges (Kenyan clients) = Ksh. 10,000

Note that there are no other hidden charges.

Other Services charges

  1. Extracting an Article from Thesis/Dissertation = USD 50 (Ksh. 5000)
  2. Editing of Thesis—Must be the final copy =USD 200 (Ksh. 15,000)
  3. Proofreading of Thesis—Language only =USD 100 (Ksh. 10000)

Note that we do not write theses/dissertations for students—we uphold the need for the highest academic integrity.

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Copyright Policy

The author(s) own the copyright for their published works.As such, the authors assume full responsibility for their own work.

While every efforts are being made to respect third party rights in some of the articles in our journals, errors may occur that we appreciate if they are brought to our attention through